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This site is dedicated to photos of wildlife (mostly birds) in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Idaho. These photos were all taken with Canon equipment, mostly with a 75-300 IS lens and a doubler, or a 12-60x spotting scope and camera adapter.  This site contains photos of over 190 species of birds found here, plus over 20 other types of animals. Most of these photos were taken casually, while birding, hiking or just visiting different areas around the Pacific Northwest.  Hope you enjoy them! 
Townsend's Warbler Black-headed Grosbeak California Quail Snow Goose Cedar Waxwing Clark's Nutcracker
Red-throated Loon American Kestrel Black Oystercatcher Great Blue Heron White Stork Green Heron

Site Updates

Got great bird photos?  Would you like to share them with others in the context of a birding site? I have a new nature site under development, so please try it or contact me if you're interested in beta testing!
 New!  17 November, 2010: blog updates on
12 July, 2009: created a new blog on Enjoy!
13 July, 2008: Added some long-overdue shots from this year to here from BC and Alaska

Check for updates in the Content Index New Photos page.

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